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      Detailed parameters
      Engine Model KPV420
      Type In-line,Direct injection,four-stroke,water-cooled
      Intake TypeTurbocharged with intercooled
      Max power 420kw
      Bore*Stroke 135×150(mm)
      Number of Cylinders 12
      Cylinders TypeWet liner
      Total Displacement 25.8(L)
      Specific Fuel Consumption 198(g/kw.h)
      Specific Oil Consumption ≤1(g/kw.h)
      Idle Speed 700(rpm)
      Rated Speed 1500(rpm)
      Speed Governing ModeElectronic Covernor
      Starting ModeElectrical staring
      Crankshaft Rotating DirectionAnti-Clockwise/Facing the flwheel
      Noise 117(db)
      Smoke ≤2.0
      Flywheel casing SAE 0.5#
      Flywheel SAE 14#
      Net Weight 1950(kg)
      Long*wide*high 2015*1450*1500(mm)
      Fuel Gade(Aooording to the Provisions of GB 252)General Environment No.0 or No.-10 Light Diesel Oil
      Southern AreaNo.10 Light Diesel Oil
      Northern Coid AreaNo.-35 or Lower Point Light Diesel Oil
      Engine Ol Aooording to The Provisions of GB 11122CF15W/40(Below environment temperature-5℃)